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‘You ever get the feeling that you have to get away from it all? The life you have just isn’t enough? I mean you go to college, you get a job and one day you wake up and realise it will be like this till the day you die. Theres a whole world out there that you haven't seen, so I'm gone. im outta here. I'm in search of different. something more beautiful & okay I confess, something more dangerous.’ ~ The Beach

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I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.
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I haven’t held your hand in eight months and the human skin replenishes every twenty-seven days. You’ve never touched this skin and I don’t think you ever will.

Idk this is really sad

Shut the fuck up this messed me up man :( ugh

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The American collegiate system in one gif set

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Black Crow Studios/Karla Davison - Watercolour Wallpaper

I need to have this around me

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enter the void  (at Skylofts at MGM Grand)

Best pic of me


romantic plant puns 2k14 :~)

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If this isn’t an entrance to a fairy world then I don’t know what is…

Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye, Scotland, April 2014

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